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Meet Dr. Iofin

Dr. Iofin has been an expert in the field of Psychiatry for over 20 years. He graduated top of his medical school class. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has been practicing medicine and psychiatry for over 40 years.


During his time in practice, Dr Iofin  has been consistently recognized by judges in the Superior Court of New Jersey as an expert in Psychiatry. 

He is an expert in Pharmocology and focuses on treating the whole individual, not just symptomology.  His main specialities are in treating adults with ADHD as well as  treating individuals with treatment-resistant OCD and Depression.

Dr. Iofin is a skilled orator and is subspecialized in Forensic Psychiatry which has garnered a career with extensive Expert Witness Testimony experience.

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